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що нового? [июн. 20, 2005|09:02 pm]
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любі колєґи! трохи інфи про конкурси плакатів, де ми, естети та марґінали, можемо взяти участь :))

словацьке екологічне трієнале

The 10th year of triennial EKOPLAGÁT ´05 - The international exhibition and contest of issued posters on the problems of the environment and nature protection in Žilina / Slovakia

китайська акція на захист птахів

According to an ancient Chinese legend, the image of mankind's ancestor combines the features of the human head and a bird's body. Celestial beings also have the feathers and wings of a bird. The magpie, swallow, and peacock are auspicious creatures in Chinese traditional culture. The Phoenix, reborn from the it ashes, also has particularly unique features. The bird plays a important role in many different cultures and appears as a symbol of the otherworldly soul.


Второй московский Фестиваль графического дизайна
и интерактивного искусства

[User Picture]From: digitusmedius
2005-06-21 10:38 pm
там, де bird 2005, мені ввижається риба-кіт чомусь.
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[User Picture]From: behemot
2005-06-22 10:52 am
малюй і відсилай! :))
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